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Our commitment

Nuestro comrpomiso

The very nature of Santillana’s operations in 22 countries logically means that the company is committed to the promotion of education, training and culture for all citizens and, therefore, the defense of democratic values, pluralism, tolerance and the protection of the environment. Our goal is to create educational and cultural content that combines rigor, quality and innovation while at the same time developing the intellectual capital of individuals and societies to make them fairer and freer.

We not only guarantee pluralistic and responsible content but we also ensure responsible management of the value chain and exercise strict control over the management of all stages of the production process. This control is mainly focused on working with "clean businesses."

Also important to us are ethical values and sharing growth with our suppliers. We can safely say that our books are ethically and responsibly made from high quality materials, and encourage the growth and development of all those involved at each stage of the production process.

In addition, Santillana is active in the recognition, promotion and encouragement of all areas of literary creativity and essay, through the Alfaguara Literary Prize and the Isabel Polanco Essay Prize.